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Our Three-Step Approach

A proven process developed, tested and refined across a wide range of verticals.

We have brought numerous successful projects to market across a wide range of verticals. We bring decades of experience and wisdom to avoid the mistakes that send analytics projects on a path to failure. We work collaboratively with you to guide through the entire project and help you integrate the results into your decision-making workflow. Our battle-tested approach includes three core steps to a successful adoption of a data science solution.

The first step in the process is to identify the proper use case. 

Using one or more full-day, in-person sessions, we get to know your business, decision-making process, and pain points in detail.

We assess multiple use cases using factors such as the level of effort, complexity, availability of data, and potential benefits.

We build a Machine Learning Model for the use case deemed most appropriate and valuable to you.

We use our proprietary, automated model building code to achieve this in approximately four weeks.

The results from the Model are explained in detail — no “black boxes” from us!

We help you integrate the model predictions into your decision-making workflow.

We set up experimental design to test model performance “in the wild”. 

The campaign results are evaluated using statistical tests to ensure the model generates positive results (e.g., ROI).

End-to-end support.

What we deliver:

A clear project plan and road map with distinct milestones​

Full collaboration, communication and transparency

Jargon-free explanations of model results

Model (algorithm) scoring code in Python, R, or Spark

Enjoy constant access via Slack, text, emails, or calls

Our clients say it best!

We can tell you how we’re the right team for your needs, but our clients can show you.