Gain your competitive edge.

Model Development 

Deploy your data through predictive models to make proactive and timely decisions.

Customer Analytics

Use data to discover actionable insights and drastically improve your marketing efficacy.

Project Planning

Enjoy proposal, scope, and planning processes for your current or prospective clients.

Team Building

Identify the best candidates via our interview service and train your new hires to become effective data scientists.

Boot Camp

Grow your expertise
with our practical, individual or team-based introduction to Data Science using Python.

Ongoing Insights

Data Science evolves rapidly. Enjoy our ongoing content related to industry best practices and business solutions.

Model Development

Use predictive models to make proactive and timely decisions.

We take great care in asking the right questions; in identifying true problems, and outlining effective solutions. Once your needs are clearly defined, we take a close look at the available data and prepare it for modeling.

We build models using cutting-edge tools and techniques and explain the model results in layman’s terms using visuals and actionable insights. (No, you won’t get a ‘black box’ from us.) We can not only help you put the model in production, but also help set up campaign test designs.

If you need our help, we’d be happy to measure and campaign results and calculate the ROI for your marketing programs.

Make sure we all understand the business question, and we are asking the right question.

Understand all available and relevant data. Perform Exploratory Data Analysis.

Aggregate, clean, and transform data to create the analysis (model) dataset.

Try multiple ML algorithms and select the simplest model that provide adequate accuracy.

Explain model results in a meaningful and visual way. Provide actionable insights.

Deliver the model scoring code or help integrate the model(s) into the client’s production system.

Set up treatment and control groups using a simple A/B or Design of Experiments approach.

Perform statistical tests to calculate the incremental lift and campaign ROI.

Far better an approximate answer to the right question, which is often vague, than an exact answer to the wrong question, which can always be made precise.

John Tukey - Mathematician

Customer Analytics

Improve your marketing efficacy by discovering actionable insights from your data.

We bring almost two-decades of cross-industry experience analyzing customer transaction data and integrating it with other types of data (such as demographics) to help clients during the entire analytics cycle, starting from creating Single Customer View all the way to campaign measurement.

If you are doing Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) and aspiring to make it more effective by utilizing Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning models, we should talk!

Project Proposal & Planning

Get proposal, scope, and planning support for your next client project.

For agencies that are responding to RFPs (Request for Proposals) and project plans with a data science component, this service provides a seasoned Data Science Strategist to support the proposal, scope, and project planning process. We will help you articulate the Data Science needs of the project and scope the work involved along with estimates that you can take to your clients as part of a larger project plan.

Data Science Team Building

Identify the best candidates via our interview service and get them trained to become effective data scientists.

This service is designed for small to mid-size companies that are ready to build their data analytics capabilities with an in-house team. We will help you filter candidates via our Data Science Interview service. We will coach and mentor the team with a repeatable process for implementing a Machine Learning or Predictive Modeling solution.

Filter + Interview Candidates

We use a coding test and a curated questionnaire to rate your potential hires.

Train Your New Team

We'll make sure your talent is ready to skillfully move your business forward.

Pilot The Program

Your team will understand the prerequisites to implementing data science projects, work collaboratively, and know how to provide a repeatable process structure in future projects.

Data Science Boot Camp

A practical introduction to Data Science using Python

Students will gain practical knowledge of Machine Learning algorithms and a broader perspective of the role Data Science plays in the decision-making process. Additionally, they’ll learn the theoretical underpinning of Data Science algorithms and then implement them using Python. The coding exercises helps “boot campers” understand the end-to-end Data Science process — starting from business understanding to data collection and exploratory data analysis to model training, evaluation, and communication of results.