Our flagship product allows you to predict a binary event with just a few mouse-clicks.

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Predict which prospects are likely to respond to a promotional offer.

Predict which customers are likely to churn.


Identify which customers are the best candidates for a cross-sell campaign.

Identify which prospects are more likely to become valuable customers.

Fully automated

AutoClassifier automatically:

  1. goes through a series of data preparation steps to maximize accuracy,
  2. builds hundreds of models using several different statistical and machine learning techniques, and
  3. selects the best model based on validation results.

Easy to interpret

The summary of data preparation, model validation results, and details of the final model are provided in a visual format.

Production Ready

The entire model deployment code (in Python or SQL, whichever you prefer) is provided as well, which can be easily embedded into your existing business processes to perform scoring on additional data sets.

All you need to do is get your data in a tabular format, and then AutoClassifier will do the heavy-lifting. Contact us if you need help with creating the modeling set. We provide free consultation for prospective clients.

Upcoming Products


This product is currently under development. Once available, it will allow you to make predictions on a continuous scale (e.g., predict revenue).


This product is currently under the testing phase. Once available, it will allow you to automatically discover and profile unique segments within your customer, prospect, or product universe.


This product is currently under testing phase. Once available, it will allow you to automatically discover entities (such as restaurant menu items) that can be grouped together as bundles to help make your marketing offers more effective.

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