Our fully automated industry-agnostic products require no coding or manual workflows.


Our award-winning modeling approach and cloud processing ensure that the most accurate results are achieved in a timely manner.

Faster results

With Derive, you can realize the full potential of your data in a matter of hours — not weeks, not months.


Our pay-as-you-go solutions give you access to predictive insights without having to rely on expensive software and data scientists.

Fully automated

Our products automatically create numerous features and evaluate hundreds of machine learning models.

Rich visual output

Details of the final model are provided in a visual format for easy interpretation by both technical and non-technical audience.

Easy deployment

We provide model deployment code that can be easily embedded into your existing business processes.

Our Mission


Our flagship product allows you to predict a binary event with just a few mouse-clicks.


Our fast and cutting-edge advanced analytics products abstract the complexities of developing machine learning models, so that you can focus on making better business decisions that are powered by advanced analytics.

With a few mouse-clicks, Derive goes through a rigorous data preparation process and then validates hundreds of models to identify the best model for your dataset.

Derive is the quickest way that can take you from summarized data to actionable insights based on robust analytics.

Come with us and achieve analytic independence!

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