About us

Derive products provide agility to companies and corporations by driving the cost out of analytics.

Machine learning and advanced analytics are transforming the enterprise across industries of all stripes. But in order to reap the benefits of advanced analytics, companies need to invest heavily in building a data science team, infrastructure, and purchase expensive software. There’s already an acute talent shortage in data science; McKinsey projected around 50 to 60 percent gap between supply and demand for deep analytical talent by 2018. Moreover, all advanced analytics products that are available in the marketplace today require expert data scientists to navigate their tool-kits and determine the best course of action for a given dataset. All of these factors slow companies down in their ability to make timely, data-driven decisions, and hence lose their competitive edge.

With Derive, we provide a reassuring break from this traditional and rigid framework. Our fully automated advanced analytics products abstract the complexities behind advanced analytics and make them accessible to everyone. Our empirically validated products provide valuable insights in the fasted possible way in an affordable manner. No installations, subscriptions, or software are required. All you need to provide us is your data in a tabular format and then our automated products generate results that are intuitive and actionable.

Our award-winning modeling approach and cloud processing ensure that the most accurate results are achieved in a timely manner

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Our Mission

Our mission is to democratize the power of advanced analytics to all organizations by slashing time, talent, and cost constraints.

Most organizations understand the value of harnessing insights from Big Data using advanced analytics, but many struggle to realize the full potential of their data because of the constraints associated with advanced analytics. Setting up an in-house Data Science team is a time and resource intensive process. Moreover, vetting and purchasing necessary analytics software and infrastructure can be a daunting task.

We aim to let all organizations harness the power of advanced analytics quickly, and without having to rely on data scientists and expensive software.

  • No longer you have to become cripplingly dependent on highly skilled data scientists and statisticians.
  • No longer you have to pay hefty fees to analytical software and service providers.
  • No longer you have to excruciatingly wait for month to gain actionable insights from your data.
  • No longer you have to slow down due to these challenges and lose competitive edge.

Our fast and cutting-edge advanced analytics products abstract the complexities of developing and validating advanced analytics models, so that you can focus on making better business decisions that are data-driven and powered by advanced analytics. With a few mouse-clicks, Derive goes through a rigorous data preparation process and then builds and assesses hundreds of models to identify the best model for your dataset. Derive is the quickest way that can take you from summarized data to actionable insights based on robust analytics.

Derive products are envisioned and developed by Vishal Patel.


Vishal Patel has been mining data for about a decade and a half. He has applied statistical and machine learning techniques in practical applications across an extensive range of verticals. With a strong analytical mindset and powerful programming skills, he successfully implemented novel analytical systems to support strategic decision making process and improve the efficiency of marketing efforts.

He has been a lead data scientist across several fortune 100 clients like IBM, Sprint, Pizza Hut, Jaguar, Biogen Idec, AARP, Humana, Anheuser-Busch, Green Mountain, and Sears. Vishal has won awards from several data mining competitions in the past, and have spoken at various conferences.

Vishal has two Master's degrees: MS in Computer Science from Illinois Institute of Technology, and MS in Decision Sciences (with emphasis on Statistics) from Virginia Commonwealth University. He lives in Richmond, VA with his "statistically" significant other and two wonderful sons.